Saturday, 14 May 2011

'Ohmygosh look! It's Narcissa!'

Headwrap: Random piece of Ankara material lying around my room; Lace cami: Tesco; Cardigany thingie: My friend's mum's clothes from the 80s she gave to me; Skirt:  Charity shop (£2.99); Flats: Primark

Erm. I think the pictures give you more concrete proof to attest to my weirdo-ness. I mean... I'm taking pictures in the university toilets?  (okay so it was empty, but you don't embark upon a photo sesh in a bathroom). I'm sorry the toilet pictures were all I could come up with. As well as really shoddy Blackberry pictures. I should think about getting a camera, yes? But I weeeaaalllly wanted to showcase my outfit (before I chicken out again and not post it up).

You know those days when you look into your wardrobe (Or closet, if you're SATC's Carrie and have endless amounts of clothes), decide you wanna wear something but have no idea whatsoever what that 'something' is? Then,all of a sudden, you pick this, match it with that, tie this on, and BAM!, you have an ensemble that would've never looked as nice as you wanted it to should you have meticulously pieced the clothes together?

Uh huh. Totally what happened. Ever noticed how toilets always have nice lighting? Pretty much all my high school and A Level photographs were taken in the girl's toilets. I blame the vanity on my friends who introduced me to the art of toilet photo sessions.



  1. Your outfit is gorgeous!! And toilet pics are the ish so dnt feel guilty :P

  2. hahaha.. i love your outfit.
    the toilet pictures are so funny.

  3. Awww thanks guysss!!! :)




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