Saturday, 28 May 2011

Styletroduction... The Panache Files...

Don't you just love the Poetic Justice braids? 

Hi guyyysss! The hiatus from blogsville was not intentional, but was probably my subconscious trying to wean me off my obsession with cyberspace...

I've cut myself off I start off on another one of my rants. I shall just go on to introduce one of the coolest people I have been privileged to meet during my university experience. She's of that rare, exquisite breed of weird that only usually exists in my head, you know, because I'm cool and whatnot.

Guys meet Yemisi! 

A second year Law student who also has a fierce dancing talent, and, as you can see, also has an amazing sense of style. Her wardrobe is an eclectic mix of vintage, high street, and just whatever in general... What is amazing about her style is how effortless it is. LOVE!

So, here it is, the first of these 'feature' thingiesssss, I guess. I'm getting courageous with telling the world about this little ole bloggie of mine.

Oh... And in all acts of randomness, as well as staying true to my dream of wanting to become a flapper/burlesque dancer, I bring to you this throwback jammer of a video that kick started my obsession with wanting to be born anytime between the 20s and 50s.

Odabo (Goodbye in Yoruba, that is)


  1. eee! she looks NICE!!!

    Jen xx

  2. very vintage looking


  3. Hey! Cool feature. She DOES look nice. Poetic justice braids- i like that lol


  4. this looks like my uni lecture rooms, do you go to Hertfordshire?


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