Monday, 27 June 2011

Ella Fitzgerald - It Don't Mean A Thing

The summer is finally upon us Brits! Yaaaaay! This news/happening obviously warms my heart so much so that only Miss Ella's scatting truly explains how happy I am that I can finally be clad in shorts (which I undoubtedly am wearing; kinda subconsciously took inspiration from Esmeralda, a la Hunchback of NotreDame today. I look all gypsy-y *flails around and does a rumba*)

Annny-hoos, the song is puuurrfect to dance about like an Aristocat on heavy liquor on a hot summer's day. 
I urge you to do it!!! Dance about in the sun! Releases serotonin, you know, the happy hormone? 

Okay... That's all folks. I might start jibber-jabbering about something ridiculous again... 


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