Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Styletroduction: Pinkie Shminkie...

I've been AWOL. I know, do forgive my wretched soul.  Unless, you know, you got tired of my extensive diatribes about, well... nothing and everything altogether and were actually glad about my absence.
Alas, I have returned! Way too much work going on; you know all that pharmacy beezneez we never talk about? Ye...ahh... Kind of had to be sorted out. So, life pretty much was the cause of my hiatus really. 
Not that you asked or anything. Such trivial information is always good to know though... Just in case of... anything. 

Okay! Let us begin, shall we? It's another Styletroduction feature!

Guys, meet Moyo! 
A second year nursing student, who is crazy over pink. I seriously do not understand it; this her obsession. Her bedsheets, pillows, posters, everything. Heck, if she could walk around in a pink bubble, she probably would. And the irony of it all is, despite her obsession with all things in the Barbie coloured spectrum, she cannot be described as your typical, Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde type girl. 

I know, very weird. But she's a zany child, so such juxtapositions are only to be expected right?

The pink shoes just finish it off nicely hunnh? Thought so myself!

What is most fascinating about her 'style' is that she claims not to have one, or to be 'into fashion'. Her exact words. Her wardrobe is mostly high street; simple T-shirt jeans kinda gal, that is, until, you see her clad in an absolute dream of a jumpsuit *wish I had taken a picture of the back! It's sheer... I love sheer clothing!*
Not 'into fashion' at all, I see!

It saddens me that there is this common misconception in our overtly materialistic world that being 'into fashion', or having 'style' automatically equates with spending tonnes of money on purchasing couture attire: toting around in Louis Vuitton, or being swathed in Prada, or having at least ONE pair of Loub's.

*deadpan expression*

Being a renowned cheapskate who buys earrings and clothes for 50p, I think this ideology is absolutely ludicrous, and, being a fierce advocate for individuality, I say wear what reflects who you are as a person. Even if it's a bin bag. Hey, Helena Bonham Carter wore two different shoes to the Oscars. I say do you, and screw the world!



  1. Having style is about putting a bit of yourself into your outfit. She looks fab!! Lol at Legally Blonde

    Muse Origins (formerly The Corner Shop)

  2. LOOL! your actually not okay...BUT I do get where your coming from.


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