Monday, 20 June 2011

Pile it all on ya, why... dontcha?...

 Orange shoooooezzz! - some random shop in uni. Massive reduction from about 30quids to 6. I was going to treat myself to some Nando's with that money, but then...Lol.
Shirt- Aunty's clothes from the 90s that she don't wear no' mo' :)
Waistcoat- My friend stole it from her 11 year old brother, and I nicely 'borrowed' it,
Superskinnies- Gap

P.S: I've decided to embark upon a new venture, to you know, boost my street cred.
Notice the title? Guys, I do believe I have been hiding a talent of mine which can no longer be supressed.

I have decided I want to become a rapper. Don't you think I'd be good at it? Rhyming the 'ya' with 'dontcha' is so genius, like toh-tuh-lee genius, I think I should take myself more serious, and pursue this newly apparent dream/talent of mine...

...'Dontcha' think?

Now to find a befitting, cool name to go with my rapper status. More information to come soon!

Oh yeah. Every once in a while, when my narcissism overshadows my shyness, I am able to take pictures of myself and post it on here....

These outfit post things still give me the heebie jeebies. You know? I'd much rather write than have my face on here. 'Cos I'm chicken like that... 

...On to the clothes now. Gosh I talk an awful lot. Well, as you can see, I decided to wear the world and its mama's jewellery on my person to church yesterday. Sometimes, dressing in a kitschy manner is all you need to lift your sunken spirits!

There's a monkey somewhere in between all that rubble on my neck, which I am in love with right now, from Claire's Accesories. For a paaand. Score!

Okay. Erm. I'll be back. Waaay too much talkations going on here.


  1. LOVE IT!!! WOW!
    you are gourgeous!

  2. :O
    OMG! I love this, wanna print it out and stick it on ma wall.

    Jen xx

    p.s. blogger meet up 8th July in LDN - contact at for more info


I love you guys! *blows kisses* Lol...

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