Thursday, 23 June 2011

You are my sunshine, my only... Sunshine?

*Claps hands* I got an award! A sunshine award actually. Yaaaay! *does the rumba*
I'm not altogether sure what this award means, but it was given to me by the wonderful Adiya of The Corner Shop whose blog showcases small business ventures and praises creativity (Go, check her outtt!), which means this award has warmed my heart and made me feel very cool :)

Speaking of the SUN, England is still yet to make up its mind about this whole summer thing. And I love summer. I love the scorching heat, and barbeques, and wearing almost next to nothing (even though I NEVER actually wear next to nothing, but you know..), and lazing around watching Charmed for, well, the whole day on Living TV.

Take today for example. I woke up to miserable weather: dreary, gloomy skies, dark clouds and all that jazz. Then, it starts raining and it's windy, and I'm all "well, that ends my leaving this house today", THEN, just as abruptly as this rain starts, it disappears quicker than Hermione Granger dissapparates (Ooooh, who's excited for the final Harry Potter? I cannot WAIT). But the wind still stays though.

So Seyi's not happy, 'cos damn it,  I'm tired of wearing tights in June! I muster up all the courage left in me to brace the wind and rain and go out, clad in boots and tights AGAIN:

Shirt: Next; Shorts: Primark, I  think? Facial Expression: erm... Mine. Lol... Boots: Dr Martens

Okay. So, I get dressed, get out of the house, despite my lack of enthusiasm about the weather, and walk a few minutes, ONLY to feel the sun on me.

*deadpan expression*

I'mma need England's mother nature to please, make her mind up. This does not fly with me!

Yeah. Rant over, by the by.



  1. well, Oslo sure isnt making up it's mind as well! i mean, is this what they call summer? PLEASE. i'd rather let the African sun kiss my beautiful dark skin :D all day, everyday

  2. love your dr martens. they are sooo cute!

  3. @black panther: You get my drift! These mother natures need to be sat down and taught a lesson!

    @Southerners from the North, thank youuu! *blushes*

    @Maria, hahahah looool


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