Monday, 3 October 2011

It's a miracle!...

So... It seems I am back at this blogging thing. One minute my posts are sporadic, next minute, I'm posting, like, daily. Weird stuff.

Anyhoos. As you may/may not be aware, someone/something has sent us Brits some sun, albeit randomly, given that we are supposed to be ushering autumn in and getting ready for winter. But alas, the weather has remained within the 25-28 degrees range. AND I'M LIKE A KID IN A CANDY STORE! Youuuch! I have milked it all in these past few days, so, should our luck change tomorrow, I won't be as grumpy as usual about the gloomy British weather...

Not to mention, my hair just decided to be all fabulous and look all pretty and whatnot. Ahhhh I know some people find taking care of their 'fros so tedious and... well... tedious, but I kinda like it. Never have I taken so much care of my hair before. So I'm lovin' it! (Yup... McDonalds theme tune indeed)

Plus, my hair has groooown! I was playing with it and doing all these updos and whatnot... and my my myyyy am I happy or what!

Daily haircare routine:
Up until recently it was just shea butter, and then a spray bottle containing water and olive oil. But nowww! ohh I have stepped up you know, my spray bottle now contains carrot oil, tea tree oil, and castor oil as well as the olive oil and water. My hair be lookin' all shinyyyy!
Oh, plus I have this coconut and almond leave in conditioner from Boots as well. I feel like a true 'naturalista' now!

Okay... That is all for now I guess.



  1. i'm thinking of going natural as well. i've been rocking braids since i was 10 and i'm getting bored. any advice??
    i did the rihanna cut like 3 years ago, but i dont want to put chemicals in my hair. so it's either afro or the big chop....
    advice, please. thanks. :)


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