Monday, 10 October 2011

Medusa... Whoopi... Medusa... Whoopi...?

I finaaaaaaallly put my yarn braids in this weekend! If you follow my... err... not so sane rantings via ze Twitter, you would have attested to my whiny tweets about how they took too long, and yada yada...

But oh wellzt. They're done! Now my hair can rest awhile.

Ooh. And. Another video. Haaah. I think instead of doing the 'Peace' gesture, I might have done the rude version? If I did, then I do apologise PROFUSELY!

Annnd... I bought a jumper. For three quids.... AND, I think my black lipstick kicks some serious Addams Family AZZ.

That will be all for now.


  1. OMGOSH!!!! YOU LOOK GOOD WITH THEM!!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!! how many did you use?????

  2. you are so daring to rock black lipstick and you rock it well

  3. just saw the video now. lol, you're are sooooooo quirky and cute. lol, and when you were gonna show the jumpsuit, you were like "OOHHH" lol :D


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