Wednesday, 12 October 2011

You are giving me EVERYTHING right about now...

I know, I know... My title sounds like something Miss Jay from America's Next Top Model would say right? RIGHT. She/he/it made the show, from his/her facial expressions, to his/her skinny legs walking down the runway. S/he was perfect. Speaking of, WHATEVER has happened to the modelling dynasty that Tyra was creating via the show? I was an avid ANTM watcher for years. Until... Well... It just got less interesting and more politically correct, and the models became skinnier than thermometers. Bleurgh.

her flares are speaking to me and begging me to take them home. Goodness!

I think this is the second time Rihanna is making an appearance on this here blog. Whilst I do not have any sort of like/love/feeling for her music, I must say, I cannot begrudge the girl some appreciation/ a shout out for her choice of clothing (sometimes). Regardless of whether or not she has a stylist, her looks still make me green with envy all the darned time. Especially right now, as I am obsessing over creepers and she is traipsing about the universe constantly clad in them? CONSPIRACY!

doesn't she just look so dreamy? Like, the soft pastels and the floral docs just finish me. Such simplicity!

The other two laaavly ladies are courtesy of Vanessa Jackman's streetstyle blog. Speaking of streetstyle, am I the only one who is gobsmacked at Scott Shuman's arrogance in his recent interview? Words cannot explain how unfortunately disappointed I was upon reading it. My love for The Sartorialist went 'poof'. That quickly. Bleurgh.
More so, I find it quite strange that I am so drawn to these minimalistic, simple looks, given that my 'style' is usually a smorgasbord of prints and a jumble of... everything. Perhaps because we are gravitating towards the cooler months? Who knows... The denim on denim look is PURE POETRY. Gawwsh.

And once again, more creeper love. Rihanna, be my friend. We can exchange my cheap knock offs for your original TUK creeps. Sincerely, 

photo credits: Grazia UK, Vanessa Jackman, and DenimBlog...


  1. Im so in love!
    Rihanna is the epitome of cool - well Mariel Haenn is

  2. LMAOooooo at the amount of times you said 'bleurgh' in that post!



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