Saturday, 1 October 2011

I'm baaaaack!// Paris Fashion Week - Vivienne Westwood YOU GENIUS!

Right. Is there even a need for me to apologise for the lack of posts? Because I always seem to be apologising for neglecting this here blog, promise to change and blog frequently and all that jazz, then... I kind of don't practice what I preach.


Errm... Well. Once again ladies and scarecrows, I APOLOGISE! *cute face* I also resign myself to the fact that I probably will not post as frequently as I say I will, but please, in the name of Marge's blue beehive, do not hold it against me will ya?


Right. On to the main beeswax. You see why I say I am in love with Vivienne Westwood? The woman just gets me yo. Have you ever met a being so zany, so crazy, that it/ she takes your breath away with her creativity? Why is she soooo cool?

Just one of the many events that took Paris Fashion Week by storm.  The article on refers to her head being "a little in the past, a little in the future, a little in the clouds". The woman is a freaking genius. She's all; "hey, I'm miss crazy, and you may not understand it, or accept it, but i'm crazy altogether. Like my orange hair? No? Too bad."

I am totally jizzing over the earrings in the last picture and the chunky rocker wedges-sandals. Booooyah!!! Do yo' thang miss Viv!


  1. this collection is so imaginative love it

  2. i loooove the shoes at the last picture.


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