Friday, 23 September 2011

Keeping Up Appearances...

Hello there world. My name is Sharonda Cantiquiesha Williams. But you can also call me Superwoman. And I own this blog.

Urm... I've been away for awhile, so I thought to come back with random pictures of myself and the 'fro. Quite excited as you can tell from the shoddy photographs.

Yeahh, I'm just bored/ having fun with my laptop. Hence the photo sesh.

Let's hope I don't disappear again.


P.S: Those aren't really my names. LOL.

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I love you guys! *blows kisses* Lol...

The friendies...

InCASE you were wondering...

... none of these photos are mine, s'il vous plait. Unless you happen to see pictures of yours truly or whatever (which I beg you to ask for permission before you acquire), I own no claims whatsoever to the images.

Many thanks,