Friday, 16 March 2012

Northerners in the South// A day in the life...

So it was the best friend's birthday last week. Seeing as we are pharmacy students with workload amounting to... (oh goodness knows, but think big, like, biiiig) 

... She was unable to go birthday shopping, which has been our tradition since we were wee teenagers. So we decided to go today, spend money, and just have a jolly time. Except I was just meant to go along and not make any purchases, because a) my birthday has long gone, b) I shouldn't really be buying things because I am learning the concept of frugality and c) well... there is no c, but I couldn't very well stop at b now, could I?

The lipstick stain is faint, but it was her first one ever, so we're commemorating the occurrence!

Anyhowzzz, we both got cameras from the parents as birthday presents (they got us the same cameras, incidentally... LOL. Even our parents have decided to continue with the cloning...), and have proceeded to have fun with them ever since.I'm rather camera happy as this is my first camera EVER, so i'm just a lowly amateur. Do bear with me.

But ohhh we had fun. and alas, I could not stop myself from making two cheeky purchases. Life, oh life.
Happy Friday!


I love you guys! *blows kisses* Lol...

The friendies...

InCASE you were wondering...

... none of these photos are mine, s'il vous plait. Unless you happen to see pictures of yours truly or whatever (which I beg you to ask for permission before you acquire), I own no claims whatsoever to the images.

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