Thursday, 15 March 2012

When Editorials make you swoon// Longing for yesteryears...

I cannot say I have been blown away by editorials since the last one I mentioned about Alannah's wedding dress somewhere down in the archives. I think it was last October's Vogue, but I may be wrong. Either way, I'm completely consumed (eee, alliteration) by this here editorial. Penny Pickard shot by Steven Chee for the New Zealand magazine, Fashion Quarterly and styled by Marina Didovich. Suffice it to say that I will be dressing in this Jackie - O/ Betty Draper - esque manner that these editorials are giving me right now *smacks lips and clicks fingers in emulation of Miss Jay from ANTM* 
I'm loving the glasses, the serenity of the model's stances, the housewife-charity ball attending- dinner party planning - pie baking lady of the manor expressions, and just genuinely the all round ease presented through their locations and the styling.
Now, i'm going to be needing my kitty kat glasses and my gold rimmed wire to arrive sooner (YES, I AM GETTING cat - eye prescription glasses, because I have taken my 50s obsession up a notch). In anticipation mode!!!

P.S: Pictures obtained from the lovely Yes, I made my fash-rounds today. Extremely happy I did though!

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