Sunday, 17 February 2013

Shop induced hiatus... Oh, and university of course! *scratches head*

Oh haaii. I feel bad for neglecting this blog and making silly excuses like having uni work to tackle (like, since when did that get in the way of jibber jabbering?) to explain my shortcomings. Plus I'm tired of seeing the word 'apologise' and 'hiatus' on this blog. 

Aanyhoos, hope everyone is doing okay? Yes? No? Have the wonders of the world ceased to amuse you yet? Because they haven't me. I mean, Kim Kardashian is on her way to Nigeria, for reasons unbeknownst to me (and possibly herself), yet again in reference to Nigeria, they won a championship (African Cup of Nations) for the first time since Zod took over the-town-where-Superman-lived-in-on-earth, among other things! 

The world is still amazing, and amusing me in many respects. Thank God for that. 

In more adult news however, the shop is taking shape, thank God! I'm totally excited that I am able to express myself in such a creative manner, and i'm constantly trolling design and photography websites to see how I can improve the aesthetics of my products. 

New items (pictured above) are now up on the shop for grabs, woohoo! Customers get a 10% off code for every customer they recommend to shop on cre8ed, so tell a friend to tell a friend!

Be sure to visit the shop for more bits and bobs of vintage cuteness!

Here's to hoping for more posts and less infrequencies!
Traa for now!

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  1. yyyeahhhh welcome back! Haha, I´ve been gone too. But I´m back :D
    And yeah, congrats on the win!! :D Very impressive ;)

    1. haha I decided to break the long holiday from blogsville! Glad to see you're back too!

      And I know, I honestly wasn't expecting them to win!

  2. My friend will love those guitar earrings...

    Confessions Of A City Girl / Check out my eyewear line Enerjiee

    1. oh thank you! Oh we ship internationally if she's interested!

  3. Those are some rocking pieces, especially love the pins necklace and the bracelet with the yarm braided in.


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