Sunday, 27 December 2009

... nocturnal dysfunction... it's precisely 3:24am and i'm still awake...bad times. I reckon I might as well blog something. It is my blog afterall....

somehow, I think i've managed to get addicted to this thing. Its become my pet project! :)

even though I still cant figure out how to change the damned template thingie. Don't worry, i'll get there soon enough!

now, to business. I've still got money left over from christmas presents (boxing day shopping was eventful; mother forced me to finally, after two years, buy more jeans * i've got just 2* ... and even tried to get me to get suits! yes, SUITS. but we forgive her. Jesus forgave us, didn't he! :P

anyways, away from the babbling... now interesting deets/details/information/blahhhhh blahhh blahhh.. (you can tell i just found out i can change the font sizes. good times!!!

  • why does Frida Kahlo insist on exaggerating her eyebrows in her paintings?
don't even begin to get me wrong. I think she's a very talented woman, and she's got a good angle ... you know the whole empowering women and all that. but must a monobrow be included??? LOL. the monkey... :p

  • TV shows... which are my life, to an extent. a little list of shows i watch? okiesssss.... you asked....

Private Practice
One Tree Hill
Ugly Betty
Gilmore Girls
Gossip Girl
Charmed (beginning to end baby) .... and all the rest, you can be assured.

but anyyyyhoos, back to my point. Why do they all have to sleep with each other, before they realise who they're meant to be with?

(Clarrrr-sic case; OTH, Lucas did it with Jake's baby mama , Brooke, Peyton, othergirlhealmostmarried (oh yarr, Lynsey :/) .... I'm sure he did it with more people, i just can't remember! (contrary to what this may look like, i do posses somewhat of a life... )

Nathan did it with Brooke, Peyton, Haley, Hayley's sister..

WHYYYYYY???? i ask you? I think its sickening... this passing around of each other...

* i'm still marrying Chad Michael Murray though, mind* & OTH is still amazing... but... okay no buts!

... anyhowzz, the whole fam is asleep. I figure I should hit the sheets too... this nocturnality(not a word, Iknow JEEZ) will end by tomorrow. real revision begins!

which means bye bye to blogging excessively for awhile!

i'll miss our new friendship/slightaddiction/necessary relationship,

Yours Faithfully,


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