Sunday, 27 December 2009

So... about Brown Sugar...


Greetings, belles&beaus....

the title implies that i'm going to divulge things about myself.... LOL. some other time, don't worry. probably never actually; because I watch TV. Such nonsense! One Tree Hill, for example. Did you seeee Mr Crazy's shrine of Peyton? I don't blame him, she basically did everything in her whole life around her website. well apart from getting naked... :/ Hmmmm. scary stuff...

What to say, what to say; welll write, shall i say.

Brown Sugar is a whole lotta things really. I really don't know where to begin writing about myself really (see, at least you've gathered i'm not conceited *cute face* ).

*bloggers block* I can't write about myself right now, interesting conversations are going on in the background, and I wanna join!!!! :) but I will tell you this:

  • apparently, i'm really random? LOL. heehe
  • ermm I sings all the timess... but my friends have learned to accept it :)
  • I'm studying pharmacy at uni, but i'm really an artisteeee at heart baby! *cheesy smile
Before that thouggghhhh! these shoes are bootiful. the price is beastliful, unfortunately! till I begin rolling in acres and acres of money, £140 will NEVER, i repeat NEVER, be money I can throwaway on shoes, however darling they are *the swarovskisssssss!!! :( *

brogues, ASOS. beastly (well for me), £140. Good times!
enough for now... this conversation is beautifully demanding my undivided attention, so smell you later?



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