Monday, 19 April 2010

I've got a date with technology...

... The title >>> randomness. Technology hates me anyways, and it's my mission that we become better acquainted before the year runs out. Not that technology is a person, but you know *geeky face* it is imperative I tell you about these pressing things in my life!

(Sorry... so beginning of blog post...)

Aloha dearest people who may/may not read this!

Its been awhile since we last communicated, and I have none other than yours truly to blame. Its not you, its me *insert look of horror at cliche statement* . Honestly, I haven't really been doing anything with my life till recently, other than sleeping at early hours of the morning from watching old One Tree Hill episodes (Oh Lucas... telling Brooke you liked her when she was leaving? Stupid boy), foraging The Mother's kitchen for anything remotely edible (The Mother's grilled chicken is the best, mind) to completely demolish, spending time wit ze famille, and the tedious acquisition of long hair. So you see, no life-changing decisions have been made since we last spoke.

Alas, two weeks went by, holidays spent, gypsy look in check, and a nice pile of school work waiting to be attended to. Life is beautiful at the moment, you can tell. I've only got exams to revise for, indecipherable coursework to conquer, and other apparently essential things to do. But that can wait! It's becoming summery once again!!!!!

Summer: When leaves go pink (sometimes), dandelions and daisies decorate my garden, bees think they're a member of society, and a layer of clothing (or more, for some people) is shed. There! point made. *Smiley face*

Now, on to the clothes/ summer look...

Diane von furstenburg; spring/summer 2010... (plus random pictures of braided hair *smiles*)

The whole flowers in hair and crimped longness is doing it for me. (Till I get bored anyways, and decide I long for elegant, suave chic a la Chanel and lose the long hair)... and  Dries Van Noten's ethnic twist is beautiful. Obviously all I can do for now is look and like; sad times...

Dries Van Noten Spring/Summer 2010;

The androgynous yet subtle outright femininity of the outfits = clothes I would definitely wear. Haven't been this excited about Dries Van Noten in awhile, methinks. But this is pure genius! lovelovelove! 

Anyways, fantasies aside, I have tests to revise for. Sorry for the swift departure. But I love you so dearly!!!!!


Tah-Tah for now! 



  1. I've grown up with braids in my hair so I always find it amusing that its such a fashion trend (or has been for the last few seasons). Nevertheless, I love the looks, especially the DVF selections; she for me is basically spring femininity to an absolute "t."

    off with her head!

  2. I know! braided hair = necessity when I was a kid, but now I just love it (gypsy look lol)

    and DVF = definitely ready-to-wear!

    Thanks for the comments!


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