Thursday, 24 February 2011

"I forgot to remember to forget"... Random loose ends in my brain...

Random things floating around my head at the minute. I'm a happy birdie also, BECAUSE I JUST CHECKED AND FOUND OUT I PASSED MY EXAMS! 

Perhaps I should re-iterate. In larger words this time...


It's quite a surreal experience for me, considering I was konked out after both exams from crying so much. Serious storybook moment type tears. One of those days was my birthday. Sad times. However, I have passed! This further proves my belief and utter clarity in the existence of a deity who wants the best for me. That deity, ladies and froggies, is GOD! Thank himmmm on my behalf, if you would please? Thank you.

Well. Now this news has undoubtedly driven me over the edge of happiness/ecstasy/ immense elation, so I decided to blog about it. Because that is what you do, after you've called your parents to scream the exciting news down the phone and they're not picking up. 

Ladies and orangutans, you simply blog about it! It makes you feel like someone cool. Trust me on this one. *winks*

Ooookay. So. Things in my head right now, other than London Fashio... 

- OH WAIT!!! It's Milan Fashion Week now as well!!!! So. As we're rounding up LFW, I shall be embarking upon posts from MFW! How splendid and utterly marvellous!

I simply wanted to come on here to gush about these photographs I've been accumulating from various tumblrs in cyberspace. So let's get to it.

1. June Ambrose and her outrageous turbans... love. 2. Granny glasses. Bold earrings... Gold earrings. Gold everything... pink lipstick. :D  3. GirlCrush! She rocked that hair, can't nobody tell me nothin' different, yo. 4. YaYa - AfroCrush/GirlCrush2/hairspiration. Watch this space for my 'fro journey story soon. 5. Crop tops, skinnies, DMs, mahoosive hair and SUNSHINE. All that's missing is Boris Kodjoe, and this photograph would be complete. 6. DMs have my heart for now. Embarking on having a whole collection of Docs. Sit in anticipation and watch my collection grow. 

I've said enough for now. I really thought this post was going to be me whacking a bunch of pictures on here, saying hello and saying goodbye.

Buuuutttt.... Yeah.


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  1. ur mind works well when youre in a good modd. nice photo finds. lovely blog


I love you guys! *blows kisses* Lol...

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