Monday, 18 April 2011

Fly away Peter, Fly away Paul...

I have finally come to my senses/seen the light/ reached an epiphany. My exams are in less than a month, and, despite my childish whining sessions about how torturous my course is (Masters in Pharmacy, lest you did not know), I would quite like a  First Class, par Dieu.

Therefore, I shall be going away for awhile. Gotta get my act together and begin the gruelling process of  getting indecipherable chemicals and the like into my brain.

Do not miss me too much! I shall be back!

Perhaps, even sooner than you think.

So, I leave you with a few bits and bobs of  things I am inspired by at the moment.

Photograph I took of this marsh I used to walk through during summer last year on my way to work... Such serenity and calm. An angel-faced Edie Sedgewick; her face is a beauty to behold. Dr Martens and dotted tights; I am in love. Molly Ringwald aka Andie in Pretty in Pink - one of my favourite outfits from one of my favourite movies.YSL slanted wedges - OMG, TOTAL PANACHE//My cyber boyfriend. *fans self*. Arlenis Sosa for Harpers Bazaar Australia - LOVE. Her eyes are unfair, as is the nail polish that I cannot find anywhere... Josie and the Pussycats! Need I explain further?. Wise words. and FINALLY, Yours truly looking like a total dork

*Can't remember where I got some of these pictures; been acquiring them on ze laptop for awhile now... Sorry!*

Till next time! Don't forget to eat your veggies!

Loveeeeee and chocolate syrup,



  1. I love that shot of the guy sitting on a bench. That's great photography.

  2. Awww Hun! I'll miss you. But please oh, go read, fill your head with unpronounceable medicine names, and get that first class :D Good luck


  3. hahaha life is too short to wear boring cloth! true!!
    goodluck with ur exams :)

  4. Aw I love your blog it's SO cute! Very nice pics, never seen Arlenis Sosa before but she is beeautiful! Thanks for your comment on my blog btw :-) And good luck with your studying! I'm in the same boat...about to finish my third year of uni and deadlines are looming but haven't done much work yet :-S my mind is forever distracted by fashion!

  5. ♥ Oh.. Nice post.)) Love your blog.)) ♥


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