Sunday, 24 April 2011

Lies and Other Drugs...

You know when I bade you lovely inhabitants of blogsville farewell with the excuse of needing to study, I really meant it. I was in such a good, positive 'I have a dream' mood, that I honestly thought focusing on my revision and school work would be all I could think about till my exams started.

But. The title of this post has so very cleverly (If I may say so myself, haha) let you in on the fact that I might  have been lying. 'Cos my 'revision' proved to be somewhat futile. Amidst all the good food, and soaking up as much sun as possible (WE BRITS HAVE SUNSHINE IN APRIL! It is assuredly the weirdest thing to witness, I tell you),  and, welll procrastination, I have only managed about a day with my head in the good ole' books.

I KNOW! Poor. Horrid. I'm not being serious. I'm not prioritising. But other things seem much more, MUCH  MORE appealing, than being holed up at home revising.

Sooo... Well... I've been up to other interesting things instead. Like visiting my beautiful friend's amazing shop and exclaiming over how darling everything is. If I could take this shop home, trust me. I would have done. It is exquisite, and the decor, as you can tell from the picture above, is fantastic.

...Oh... And there's a picture of me, I guess, trying to capture the grandeur of the mirror in the shop... I love ornate Grecian mirrors. Wish I could buy every single one I come across.

Anyhowzzz, I gotta go for now. Last night with the Mother, and she wants a bit of a bonding session before we jet back off to university. Fun stuff. Just a quick update. More on the elusive 'amazing shop' to come. How cool! My first feature, shall we call it that.

Happy Easter!

love and tomato juice!


  1. lol anytime i try to take a blogsville hiatus, i always come running back :p ..we also have hot sunshine in texas so dnt feel lonely :p ..the shop does look exquisite, and goodluck in our exam!!

  2. When i saw this on my blogroll i thought 'hey! what's she doing here?' haha!! For real, i thought that! LOL!! You know, this happens to me too- i say i'll take this long holiday to read and then i hardly even open the book *sigh*. I'm sure you'll do great though. The store does look amazing. Love your electric blue shoes :D


  3. HAHA! Lol... I just couldn't stay away!

    Thanks guyssss!


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