Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Healthy Obsession// Unhealthy Covetousness . . . Miuiccia FOR THE WHOLE UNIVERSE!


I am super duper high on serotonin right now, for a variety of reasons;

  • The sun was out today. This is rather monumental for England you see, especially as it's only April. And when I mean out, I mean like scorching heat that makes you SWEAT. Or slap yo' momma. Or whatever else those crazy Americans do.

Which obviously meant I was able to get my legs out and have a gander in the sun. Oh, and act foolishly (foolishly like getting on one of the tables in Starbucks and belting Jackson Five songs out, since my friends have labelled me little Mikey 'cos of the 'fro), get frappuccinos... Because every 'fashion-related blogger' (pukes at stereotype) is obsessed with Starbucks.

Okay. I am obsessed with Starbucks (WHOEVER INVENTED COSTA, deserves taekwondo Jet Li style)  and I tend to go off on fashiony rants a lot.. which makes me a Mulberry-toting, Giuseppe Zanotti wearing cool blogger person. Yerrp.

  • I handed in my last piece of coursework for this year. Which means I'm done, finito, with second year. Except, there's the whole exam thing. But that's in May. Which means, there is obviously, OBVIOUSLY time on my hands for trivially important (haha... paradoxical, right?) things such as blogging and pining for Miuiccia Prada to become a member of my family.

There's Miu Miu... Which resonates with the ultimate kookiness that makes up my slightly... normal persona... The sheer artistry of the collections are just mind boggling. Yes, boggling.

There's Prada, the more 'mature' collection that is usually expected to be a tamer version of her very vibrant, pattern heavy Miu Miu collection, but she is not a woman who likes to be boxed into such defined categories. Hence why her spring 2011RTW collection literally made me scream like a kid on cocaine candy. Bleurgh. Innovation and creativity turns me to putty too much.

I really wish I could adopt her, or get her to adopt me. Or just telepathically let her know how much I admire her work and her drive and just  love her in general.

That will be all for now.  Too many pictures, I know! Too many words as well. Ummph. I am not good with striking balances. Apologies. 

Toodo - loo!

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  1. I wish i could adopt her, or if not, lock her up in my basement and force her to make clothes for me :D

    Yippie for finished school works lol



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