Saturday, 30 April 2011

Mid- April Sunshine// Revision what?...

Okay. Funny enough, this time, my absence resulted in my getting a fair bit of work done! Despite how slooooooowly I am getting into the swing of things, I am glad that I am finally beginning to get some work done. Procrastination is not something that is advisable at this time.

However, I had to make time to blog right? I can't stay away for too long...

Unfortunately, it seems the beautiful weather we have been experiencing for awhile now has decided to disappear and throw us back into a normal, British springy April. 

Not that I'm complaining though. The weather was so amazingly beautiful during the Easter, and I made sure to make the most of it. YES, my legs were out most of the holiday (Still are now, actually).

Yeah. SO. Easter Holidays! My aunty turned 50, and in true Nigerian fashion, what else to do other than have a crazy massive celebration? So party hard we did. It was fun, amazing, *insert other adjectives to exclaim how much fun I had*. Fun, amazing, because it made me realise how I've begun to forget that we are all growing up, and our lives are going in such different directions. Growing up in the rural, countryside parts of England where, urmm... Seeing people that looked exactly like you (You know wha'a mean?) was not a daily occurrence,meant we were thick as thieves growing up. Perhaps originally, our friendship arose due to our shared common ground: sharing the same experiences, i.e living with Nigerian parents and the like. Now however, I can't imagine not having these girls in my life.  But now, being in various universities all over England means we don't get to see each other as often as we would like to. Thus making moments like these, ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS. 

Ope workin' her Ankara harems... 

My kid sister Chioma... Seems like everyone was in Nigerian 'trads' but me... :(  I LOVED HER DRESS. Simple. Such good finishing...

A great deal of baby oil went into the glossiness of our legs...

Dotun in the fulllll works: Gele and Ankara

Lola doin' her thanggg!

Why do I always look so dorky in photos?

Anyways; Details of ze clothing: 
Dress: Vintage - 8quids... did I hear you say bargain? UH HUH!
Shoes: Charity Shop - 4quids :)
Clutch: Charity Shop : 50p... I kid you not! Still reeling from it myself
Earrings: Topshop

Okay, I must leave now. I have tonnes of work to do... 
I haven't forgotten about the feature! Coming soon!

Love and chocolate syrup,


  1. omg! such great finds and you wear it oh so well.

    Jen xx

  2. You guys all look awesome! Love your yellow shoes and those print pants. Glad you got some work done too :D


  3. The pics are fabulous and i'm digging the different ankara styles. OMG i need to get off blogger yo, i've been procrastinating for a while and finals are drawing closer *sighs*

  4. Aww thanks guys!!! :D

    LOL... Kitty you need to get seriousssss!!!!!


  5. i love your dress. its so pretty. great find!


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