Sunday, 1 May 2011

Deola Sagoe Autumn/Winter '11 - 'Oh Fashion, I love Thee'

Hi beautiful people! Hope you have had (or are having) a wonderful Sunday? I know I am! Yes. In fact, at this precise moment, thoughts of particles and drug formulations are what I am consumed with.

Or, perhaps not;  given that I am about to embark upon a rant about fashion again, suggesting that I am merely drifting in and out of this revision 'bizniz' and not solely focused on pharmaceutics. But I am not really to be blamed for this entirely. I just cannot help myself from clicking away and blog stalking during my very lengthy breaks, which are OBVIOUSLY much deserved.

But, I digress. Back to the topic at hand.

So, anyway, I was perusing one of the tumblr blogs I frequent, which just happens to be my very beautiful cousin's blog. All you tumblr lovers, go check it out here, she's, well, given that no other words will express this in its entirety, too dope. Despite my inadequacy at working tumblr, I manage to understand how to get around hers without letting off a fire alarm.  Okay. A tad bit exaggerated, but it makes for good, light hearted reading, si?

RIGHT! I was on her blog during my seventeenth break in the last two hours, and lo and behold. What do I see? Yes. You guessed right. I am privileged to witness a sneak peek of  Deola Sagoe's Autumn/Winter '11 collection.

I think the exact words I used on twitter would be 'jizzed'. Yurp. I'm so jizzed. Not even sure I even know what that means, but, oh well eh?

Every time I speak of couture, and how obsessed I am with collections that I probably will never be able to afford in this lifetime and the next, my friends always attack me with the same statement:

'Seyi, I really do not know why you bother with all this fashion; the clothes don't look normal, and it's not like you can afford it!'

Obviously, times like these usually involve my sheer amazement at the design and artistry of the collections that I have nothing to say to them, except gawk and gawk even more at the beautiful pieces. Call me what you may, I love loving clothes. I would delve into a thesis about why it would be inappropriate to call the embodiment of fashion 'just clothes', but, alas, there is not enough time.

Deola Sagoe as a fashion powerhouse in Nigeria, and as a designer, never fails to disappoint. Japanese inspiration is evident in the pieces, with the intricate fan detailing and the kimonos. And nothing says Deola Sagoe better than an influx of 'African-ness' right?

I love the use of lace. Exudes uber femininity... Ahhh it feels like the dress was literally painted on the model's body.

O...kayyy. I think I need to exit the building.
Goodbye guys! Hope you enjoy the collection as much as I do!

Picture credits: Peep the rest of the collection there also...

Aloha! Must get back to... ahem... my "work"..

Feel free to drop comments and tell me what you think!


  1. Haha! I should be working too but here i am X_x I think Deola Sagoe is one of the few Nigerian designers that comes anywhere close to Haute Couture design (even though i think they've got a loooong way to go still). Love these and checking out the tumblr


  2. i love Deola :) i worked for her at Africa Fashion Week 2010....goodness id so wear that skirt....

  3. Hahaha well there's nothing I can say about this collection that you haven't already said yourself!! But it's absolutely stunning!! Like wow. That dress with all the pleated layers is amazinggggggg!!
    Oh gosh, I can relate on the friends not getting it thing too! Ha xx

  4. @Zizzi: Lol... it's lovely right? And the layers and everything!!!!

    @Funeka: She's amazing, isn't she! Such a wonderful woman!

    @Adiya, LOL. Work is no funnnn sometimes...

    Thanks for the comments guys! xoxo


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