Friday, 6 May 2011

*Claps hands in excitement*...

...By now, we must have realised that I get excited over pretty much, well... EVERYTHING. So... yeah. Nothing new.

I picked up these beads awhile ago actually, at the vintage fair I went to last Christmas. Three beads in total, but I'm only planning on making earrings with these ones right now, I figure the last one will come in handy for something else.

But... Yeah. How cool are they? I think they'll make me feel like, cool or something... I mean, it's not everyday a normal fellow like myself gets to feel 'connected' to royalty (My imagination has run amok with the poor lady emblazoned on  the beads... Oh dear).

Annnnd... my latest purchase. Latest being during Easter. I know. I'm not really much of a 'shopaholic'. I like clothes, definitely, and I have quite a fair amount of them, but I am not addicted to shopping. Foraging in charity shops is not shopping, by the way. It is... merely... 
 OKAY. It is shopping. And... I rest my case. 

My satchel obsession seems to get worse every time I see a different style from the ones I have managed to acquire. I got this from my beloved charity shop for 3quids. Definitely money well spent! I like that it's all battered and old and it has these pen slots on the inside so I can channel my inner (and outer... Who am I kidding?) geek. 

Speaking of geeks, I should really be studying for my remaining exams, but surely that can wait?

Another One Tree Hill tribute again. For the upteenth time. This has got to be my favourite episode EVER. 

Okay, goodbye guyss!


  1. A leather satchel is in my shopping list now! I'd love to shop more, but there's this tragic thing called a budget that i'm looking to kill. You make you own earrings? Now that's cool!!


    Okay, bye!!

  2. WHAT! £3!! OMG! OMG!


  3. I think wht you should do, is put that satchel in the post addressed to meeeee!!! x


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