Wednesday, 4 May 2011

'I want to be a part of it, New York, NEW YORKKK...'

Diane Kruger in Jason Wu. Totally flawless. I'm still speechless. I'm really loving the return of Old Hollywood glam; tasteful sexuality at its best...

Blake Lively in Chanel. I still stand by my word that Blakey dearest is the luckiest girl alive... Plus, will anyone ever tire of Largerfield? He is just... Just. I shall stop there.

Rihanna in Stella McCartney. The little black extravagant dress? Urm, say what you may, I love the whole gothic look. She pulls it off. Yeaaahhh, everyone's over the whole 'good girl gone bad' infection, but this whole emo look is HOT. Well... I think so...

 Annnnnnd, just 'cos I can, Mila Kunis in Elie Saab. 
O.M.Picasso's talent...
Yeah. I am that obsessed. Still. How can I be this gone over clothes? 
It's crazy. 
Sorry... I'm aware that every blog in history is reporting/ranting/typing incoherently about this same event, but I just cannot help myself.  I wish I was an elite New Yorker who went to these shindigs for.. fun. I think it's just a battle of couture really. Perhaps that is their fun. Haaah!

*Post title from Liza Minelli's 'New York' 

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  1. lool i've never been so obsessed over fashion. I jst wear my good ole tees and shorts :p
    dresses jst aint my turf.. but i love to ooh and aah over pics though. I love riri's hair!

  2. OMG!! They look delicious! This is inspirational and just a little depressing! :'(

  3. Lol Adiya I feel you on the depressing part. Too depressing that I don't get to waft around looking flawless in couture!


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