Thursday, 28 July 2011

Best Blogger Award? Me? *reddens*...

Haaa, this post is so late. But it has made its way here, so...

Yeahhh... Okay. So the lovely Mbabazi of unsung dots tagged my little ole self in one of these cool award things that only cool bloggers give out to other cool bloggers... (LOL. Me? Blogger? Urm... Well, I do own a blog, so... )

ANYWAYS! Yeah. I got an award. And with it comes the requisition of letting blogsphere know seven things about you... So, here goes. Sorry if you already know this/do not care in the slightest/ get tired of the verbose essay which I am about to unleash upon you...

1. My name is... Okay, no. That just seems stifled and stuffy to start with my name.

1. *Take two* I have always, ALWAYS wanted to be a powerpuff girl. Laugh all you want, but this dream has followed me all the way through my childhood, up until this moment. There was something so magical about Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup that made me constantly yearn to be the fourth member of their group. Had my outfit colour picked out and everything.

2. I have watched the Prince of Egypt SO MANY TIMES, that I even know the musical sequence. It used to be bad enough that I had memorised the whole dialogue, but, upon watching it for the upteenth time sometime ago, I have now realised that I know how the little musical fillers go. Sad, but there you have it. Aaron to Moses when he is being told that he is actually an Israelite: "Go ask the man you call father" . Classic moment.

3. My hormones let me know yesterday that I am quite healthily attracted to Ronald Weasley. You heard it here first, homies. *flutters eyelashes* 

4. I have this dream (Of which, my brain is filled with loads of them) of owning a boulangerie in the South of France or Italy, whilst living in one of those French maisonettes or the brightly painted Italian houses in a neighbourhood steeped in picturesque culture. Oh, and I would have a dog named superwoof. Or something moronic like that. I would live such a happy life, so happy that one day, whilst churning the butter to be used to make my mouth watering, world conquering croissants, I meet the most beautifully sculpted man who will sweep me off my feet right there and then and ask me for my hand in marriage. Yes, the imagery in my dream is THIS VIVID.

5. I am a Christian, in case nobody already figured that out. I try to live by the ethos of the Bible. Sometimes I think, ahhh screw it all, I want to live 'life' and participate in the mind blowing, fun experiences that my generation engage in. My impulses are very short lived, however. Not out of guilt or some latent puritanical streak I possess, merely by thoroughly watching and addressing that which is seemingly FUN and eye catching and realising that such earth shattering experiences are not actually to my taste. For this, I have only the Holy Spirit to thank.

6. Added to the spiritual mumbo jumbo, I would like to think that the only thing unique about me as a person is my dynamic relationship with God. Not that it's ANYWHERE near perfect, but I am trying, nonetheless.

7. Apparently I am a bit of a loner? Oh well. With such a vivid imagination as mine, who needs actual friends? Lawwl. I kid, I joke.

Yeahhh, this has been wayyyy fun, and wayyyy long. Sorry!

Now to tag other people who kick serious blogging ass and whose blogs are seeped in awesomeness...

Well, really, all you loverly blogs I frequently stalk are ALL the best! So please, do this. I love reading blog posts. I reaaaaallly enjoy the reading part, in case I have not mentioned that before.




  1. Lol!!! You know, i LOVE the powerpuff girls hehe!! And Ron Weasley is the hottest guy in that movie hehe

    Muse Origins (Creative Nigerian Features)
    Muse Origins

  2. i have always wanted to be bubbles too man!!


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