Sunday, 24 July 2011

Feel Like a Lady, and you my Lady Boy...

Urm... The pictures are rather self explanatory, no?

Okay... Perhaps they might not be. I just wanted to let you seeee my latest ring-session, as I am ringsessed.  And they are all courtesy of Lottie's Attik!!!! Such unique rings ehh? And S for Seyi... Cool, hunnhh? *bats eyelashes*

Annnnd, during my aimless wandering in the town centre, I stumbled upon this gem of a book!!! I love me a good poem. Well... all things in the geeky spectrum. It's got 365 poems in it for everyday. I don't mind!

Well, that seems to be all for now, except I am beginning to get excited for Christmas already. I am a Christmas FIEND. So do not be alarmed that my festive spirit is already dusting off its debris and getting ready to see the light of day...

Urm, okay, I shall be on my way.


*Title from Amy's 'You should be Stronger than Me' 

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  1. Christmas already?? :o Girl easy oh lol. That book looks great. And i love those scrabbles and lego rings!!!!

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