Tuesday, 23 August 2011

When I grow up I want to kick some fashion and expressionist azzzz... Like Iris Apfel does...

Iris Apfel is my superhero! I love and admire people who are not afraid of expressing themselves in every way possible. I guess that is the main reason behind my fascination with fashion - the way in which you can create, express, and explore different aspects of life is amazing.

And is her apartment not divine?!!! There is nothing cohesive, no organisation, no order in the decor of the home. It's like a running train of thought, quite chaotic. Which instantly means I am in love with it and want to live there.

CANNOT wait to have my own apartment and go crazy decorating. Ohhh yeahh...

*Pictures from Architectural Digest*

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  1. wow! I love it. so quirky and colourful.


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