Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Old Soul...

Hellooooo! Howdy? Hope the day is agreeing with youuu? (I just feel like exchanging cheesy pleasantries with the world... Sorry)

Just something I found whilst wasting precious time on Youtube. I do not know how I find these things, but I am glad I have found this/him: Robert Glasper. It's contemporary jazz at its finest, and we all KNOW how I feel about jazz. Imagine an amalgamation of Davis and Coltrane and you have Robert Glasper. Purrfect. That is what Glasper's music is. Plus the ease of the music just makes me love it/him/his talent... Gosh!

And... In more hair and other necessary unimportant news, I bring to you, me, my dreads (haah), my makeshift turband, and my obsession with pretty lace peter pan collars.

I am being called Marley because of le hair. My father even called me a raggaman. *giggles*

Shmoodle- oohh!


I love you guys! *blows kisses* Lol...

The friendies...

InCASE you were wondering...

... none of these photos are mine, s'il vous plait. Unless you happen to see pictures of yours truly or whatever (which I beg you to ask for permission before you acquire), I own no claims whatsoever to the images.

Many thanks,