Monday, 19 December 2011

Constantly Living in Retrospect// Christmas Wishlist...

Hi guys. 


IT'S LIKE, Six days till  CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!

Please forgive me for these outbursts. I honestly cannot control myself where Christmas is concerned. I am a self confessed, happy-about-it, walking-about-wishing-people-merry-christmas-from-October Christmas junkie. Don't really know why or how I became this obsessed with the month of December, but I have always been excited about it. Despite my very loving mother and father's attempts at crushing my dreams of Santa's... errr... existence at a very young age, I was adamant that Santa was in fact, real. No ma'am, I did not buy the story of Santa not being real. The power of my imagination has been this way from a wee age, you see.

...Anyhoo, since 'tis the season to be jolly and giving and smiling at random grumpy strangers at ASDA, I figure I may as well let cyberspace know what I would like my sock to be filled with this beautiful month of December...

1. A Vintage Pentax Camera: Because, I have never owned a swanky camera before, and I remember my dad having one when I was a kid (at least I think it was a Pentax), and because they just exude super coolness. And because it's vintage. Go figure.

2. A Barbie (or otherwise) Polaroid camera: As mentioned earlier, I just really want a camera this year. I have ALWAAAAAYS wanted a polaroid. Like, always. Came across this beauty on ebay and I immediately thought: SANTAAAA!!! *giggles*

3. A Dora the Explorer watch: Simply because... well... Every cool person owns a Dora watch, and, I mean, the girl is an explorer. Currently going through a wanderlust season - I want to explore the world. Starting with Britain. So having this courageous little lady on my wrist is a good start, si? non?

4. Dr Martens floral (men's) brogues: Because my allegiance to the Doc has not waned one little bit. Just changed its course. Yep.

5. A Denman brush: Since all the naturalistas rant and rave about it, I may as well as well try it out on my mane. Although I'm quite scared of all my curls ending up on the brush... I'm afraid the science of its effectiveness is lost on me... But we'll see what happens!

6. Jazz compilation cd: Does one ever need to explain their want/need of a jazz disc set? Me no think so.

7. A TRUCKLOAD OF BLOOMIN' CREEPERS IN EVERY SHAPE, SIZE, COLOUR OR FORM: Cuz I aint mad atcha honey thang. If that made sense to you, then find me and befriend me. Merci.

Okay. I shall stop myself here, as I am suddenly aware that I want a lot of things. Now, do bear in mind that  I am merely thinking out loud, and all these things will only present themselves if I a) marry Obama the second, or b) one of those rich Arab tycoons who own like five football clubs, or c) if I am stupid enough to acquire a credit card and then go crazy with all that virtual cash...

... Which is NEVER going to happen. But somehow, because Jesus loves me like, LOADS, I will get some of these things on my list. I am almost sure of it. Maybe not for Christmas, buuut... mehh. Soon. Just watch me!

Yeah. Materialistic rant over.



  1. i have 2 vintage konica cameras :D go on ebay. bid and you might get lucky, like i did ;)

    merry xmas babe!

  2. LMFAOOOOO! SEYI,YOU NO WELL. i love blogposts like this Funny how i dont like them creepers.
    Hope you got everything on your wishlist.


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